Follow the link below for audition samples. This will give you a feel for the characters and overall story.

Audition cuttings for Much Ado (pdf) 




Much Ado A high school romcom readers theater experience

An original script written by our own Jack Kennedy!


Auditions will be Saturday, Sept. 23, 10:30 AM

Note: Please be prepared to do cold-reading for Reader’s Theatre

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Cast size will be limited to a maximum of 30


Rehearsals will be split between the two casts (if necessary) and will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Sept. 26, 27, and 28, at 7:00 pm


Friday, Sept. 29 and Saturday, Sept. 30  at 7 p.m.

Story Background:

The concept: The setting is Michelle Obama HS in beautiful Mountainville, Colorado., though the school could be anywhere in the country. If you are familiar with “Much Ado About Nothing,” you know that the modern romcom owes a lot to this Shakespeare comedy. 
Our Beatrice and Benedick are teachers. They argue all the time but, to no one’s surprise, end up together in the end. 
High school is a great setting for all sorts of bits involving everything from faculty meetings to wacky substitute teachers to classroom interactions. I am incorporating some scenes taken from Key and Peele sketches and a little known movie called “Teacher of the Year,” and a sketch from “Funny or Die.”  The rest of the script grows from standard romcom tropes. Not to bury the lead, but, yes, I am again writing the show (and likely directing, if you can call what I do directing). I hope that won’t be a deterrent to you participating.
Want to know more about “Much Ado About Nothing”? Consider attending one of several performances of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s version of this very fun and very popular play this summer. The link to the 2023 festival is here

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