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Creating community, one show at a time.

Wesley Players Theatre Company is an independent, community theatre group in residence at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church that brings together people of all ages and experience levels, from within the church and from the wider community, to perform drama productions and musicals.
We celebrate our core values of encouraging diversity, creativity and community in every production, providing audiences with theatre experiences that inspire and entertain.

Our Mission Statement:

Wesley Players Theatre Company performs drama productions and musicals that engage, inspire, and entertain our community.

Where We Started

In 2000, a small yet brave group of performers and musicians gathered to “put on a show” at St. Luke’s UMC in Highlands Ranch, CO. This small group of performers started a movement that grew into the current Wesley Players Theatre Company. Over the last twenty plus years the Wesley Players has performed a variety of productions from liturgical drama to melodrama and from dramatic plays to musical theatre classics. One of the magical aspects of the Wesley Players is families performing together, on stage, behind the scenes, in the orchestra, or all of the above. Grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and yes, even some husbands and wives working together to put on a production.